September 6, 2016

Purchase Quick Start Resource Pack

Ohhh, you’re about to dive in deep. Good for you! The fact that you’re here means you’re serious about changing your life for the better and making your writing career a reality.

You may not have a million bucks to spend on this dream, but you’ve got passion and determination, and that’s enough. The ebook you’ve already downloaded will help you out and, if you’ve got a spare $8 (minus a penny), this resources pack will get you there even faster.

Inside, you’ll find all the delicious, meaty materials mentioned in the Quick Start Handbook, including:

  • A LinkedIn Profile Template to help you build your powerful profile.
  • Persona Process Guides and Templates to help you build your personal marketing plan.
  • The CCW Pipeline Calculator to help you build your sales plan.
  • The CCW Charge-What-You’re-Worth Pricing Guide to help you get paid what you’re worth.
  • Our Sample Contract to help you hold clients accountable to their end of the deal.
  • Several valuable checklists to help you work more efficiently.
  • And much more!

Plus, your dollars help us keep producing more content and resources to support you. We appreciate it!

Our goal is to get your career off the ground and keep it flying. We can’t wait to see you soar.