December 5, 2017


Writers who earn their Command Copywriter Certification have the option to join the Command Copywriter referral network.

This network is based on our founder’s almost 20 years in the business, and provides access to some of the best, highest paying markets for writers available. When you join the network, you can receive personal introductions to high quality, warm opportunities. For each opportunity that you’re offered, you’ll receive a free, individual pre-call coaching session. You’ll go into your first meeting armed with detailed information about the client, their needs, their quirks (when available), and appropriate pricing.

There is no up front cost associated with the program. Instead, you agree to pay a percentage of the income generated from the opportunity back to Command Copywriter. However, you must first complete the 6-week product course and demonstrate mastery of the necessary skills.

Bonus: When you are on assignment within the network, you also receive one free monthly group coaching session.

The Command Copywriter referral network is available on an invitation basis only to certified writers. Check out our other offerings to learn more about how to earn your invitation.