December 5, 2017


Command Copywriter online classes provide writers with all of the core tools and skills they need to launch and maintain successful, profitable careers. Every class includes instruction, workshop time, and access to templates, resources, and samples to help you on your way.

Below are descriptions for all of our currently planned or offered classes. Check the Command Copywriter Facebook Events page to learn which classes are currently available for registration, as well as current pricing, or contact Heather for the same.

Creativity Jam!

This isn’t exactly a class, and it’s not exactly a workshop, but it’s not exactly a support group, either. Creativity Jam! is 90 minutes a week that we set aside for writers, artists, and creatives of all types to slow down, clear the blocks that stop up our creativity, and free ourselves to be our best creative selves.

Creativity Jam! is free for all artists and aspiring artists. It’s facilitated by our founder, and all are welcome. Contact Heather to join the group.

Copywriter Boot Camp

Have you always wanted to make money as a writer, or make MORE money as a writer, but aren’t sure where to begin? This is the class for you.

  • Learn where and how to find profitable clients
  • Establish your starter portfolio
  • Find out where to focus your time for the greatest impact
  • Get money coming in the door to fuel your career and your life

This course is for folks who already have decent writing skills and are willing to work hard to get things going. You’ll want to dedicate at least three to five hours a week for the course and your homework. The more hours you work the system, the sooner you’ll see results.

Boot camp makes an excellent companion to the classes in the product course, as it provides the business skills necessary to make the most of the content skills you’ll develop in those classes.

Product Course

The product course includes 6 separate 4-week segments, each focused on a specific type of frequently requested marketing content. You can sign up for any or all of them, and take them in any order.

In each segment, you’ll learn:

  • The role of each type of content in marketing
  • How to produce each type
  • How to price and package your offerings
  • How to prevent scope creep and manage client expectations
  • And much more!

The six content types covered in the course are:

  • Blogging
  • White papers and ebooks
  • Case studies
  • Web copy
  • Press releases
  • Everything else

Product course completion is a key requirement for Command Copywriter Certification.

Contact Heather to learn more, or check our Facebook events page to see what is currently available, as well as pricing.