TGIM–How to Make Monday Your Favorite Day

Happy Monday, friends! Aren’t you excited to be back at work, productive and connected and satisfied after a long, boring weekend? What? You’re already looking forward to Friday? Oh, my friends. That is sad. Do you know you will spend more waking hours at work than at any other one focused activity? And are you Read more about TGIM–How to Make Monday Your Favorite Day[…]

You Are a Fire-Breathing Dragon

I woke up this morning on fire to talk to you about Mondays. One seventh of your life, y’all, and doesn’t it suck that they’re so awful? Here’s why we hate them, and what to do about it. Transcript below for my lovies who, like me, hate video. Also, I’m in my jammies and my Read more about You Are a Fire-Breathing Dragon[…]